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Broadcast Season 21, Welcome!

Next Live Broadcasts:

2022-2023 Bartlett Panther Basketball

11/09/2022-2022/2023 District 15AAAA Media Day (           )6:55pm Bartlett High School-Bartlett, Tenn.

11/17/2022-Girls-St. Mary's/Boys-Bolton (           )5:55pm McDonald Insurance Arena, BHS-Bartlett, Tenn.

12/08/2022-Boys-Germantown (           )5:25pm McDonald Insurance Arena, BHS-Bartlett, Tenn.

12/09/2022-Boys-Memphis East (           )7:55pm McDonald Insurance Arena, BHS-Bartlett, Tenn.

12/12/2022-Boys-Arlington (           )6:55pm McDonald Insurance Arena, BHS-Bartlett, Tenn.

01/03/2023-Girls, Boys-Houston (           )5:55pm Thomas M. Farley, Jr. Memorial Gymnasium, BHS-Bartlett, Tenn.

01/13/2023-Girls-Arlington (           )7:55pm Thomas M. Farley, Jr. Memorial Gymnasium, BHS-Bartlett, Tenn.

01/14/2023-Girls-St. Louis Vashon (           )4:55pm Thomas M. Farley, Jr. Memorial Gymnasium, BHS-Bartlett, Tenn.


2022 Bartlett Panther Football



11/04/2022-Bartlett vs Centennial (           )6:55pm Bartlett Panther Stadium-Bartlett, Tenn.


11/11/2022-Bartlett vs Brentwood (           )6:55pm Bartlett Panther Stadium-Bartlett, Tenn.


11/18/2022-Bartlett vs Germantown (           )6:55pm Bartlett Panther Stadium-Bartlett, Tenn.


11/25/2022-Bartlett vs Beech (           )6:55pm Bartlett Panther Stadium-Bartlett, Tenn.


08/19/2022-Bartlett vs PURE (           )6:55pm Bartlett Panther Stadium-Bartlett, Tenn.

08/26/2022-Bartlett vs Hoover, AL (           )6:55pm Hoover Met Stadium-Hoover, AL.

09/02/2022-Bartlett vs Arlington (           )6:55pm Bartlett Panther Stadium-Bartlett, Tenn.

09/09/2022-Bartlett vs Lausanne (           )6:55pm Lausanne Collegiate School-Memphis, Tenn.

09/16/2022-Bartlett vs Germantown (           )6:55pm Germantown H.S.-Germantown, Tenn.

09/23/2022-Bartlett vs White Station (           )6:55pm Bartlett Panther Stadium-Bartlett, Tenn.

09/30/2022-Bartlett vs Houston (Broadcast not available.)

10/07/2022-Bartlett vs Cordova (Broadcast not available.)

10/21/2022-Bartlett vs Collierville (           )6:55pm Bartlett Panther Stadium-Bartlett, Tenn.

10/28/2022-Bartlett vs Whitehaven (Broadcast not available.)



2007 Bartlett vs South Doyle-AAA TN State Baseball Championship/5-25-07/click here--->(           )

Bartlett City Schools Kickoff and Pep Rally/8-2-14/click here--->(           )

06/21/2016-Bartlett vs Collierville, Boys Soccer West TN. Sub-State click here-->(           )from Bartlett Panther Soccer Complex-Bartlett, Tenn.

09/20/2019-Bartlett vs Cordova/6A-Football click here-->(           )from Bartlett Panther Stadium-Bartlett, Tenn.

10/11/2019-Bartlett vs Arlington/6A Football click here-->(           )6:55pm from Bartlett Panther Stadium-Bartlett, Tenn.

***05-12-2021, Bartlett Junior pitcher, Jackson Irwin, throws a PERFECT GAME, leading Bartlett over Arlington, 12-0.***

05/12/2021-Bartlett vs Arlington, (Dis.14-AAA Tourn.) click here-->(           ) 6:25 pm from Scott Elrod Field-Bartlett, Tenn.

03/03/2022-Region 8-AAAA, Boys Championship-Bartlett vs East (           )6:55pm-Central High School-Memphis, Tenn.

03/16/2022-AAAA Quarter-finals, Boys-Bartlett vs Beech (           )2:25pm-Murphy Center-Murfreesboro, Tenn.


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01-14-2023 Broadcast is our BARTLETT BROADCAST EVENT #1,541


Welcome to our 21st Season of Bartlett Panther Sports & Activities!



Tri-Star Friday Night Live:  Week Preview (    )  West Tenn. (    )   Middle Tenn. (    )   East Tenn.


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Playoffs Week 2 (     )



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                                                                Paducah Newsman, BHS Parapro/Father-Son Team Ready for 1,500th Bartlett Broadcast Event on KPTR:
                                   in broadcast season 20 for the Bartlett Sky Box Crew, BHS GIRLS BASKETBALL-Region 8-AAAA Reg. Tourn., BHS vs White Station, Monday, Feb. 28, 2022

It was December of 2000 in a McDonalds Restaurant, just a few blocks down the street from Centralia High School in Centralia, Illinois, that Mike and Matthew Cooper, and Ken and Eric Opperman picked up lunch after watching the Panthers in the morning session of the Centralia Holiday Tournament.

The four talked of a dream that they had which was to broadcast Bartlett Sports, similar to the small town radio stations that would come to the Centralia Tournament to cover their local high schools, including Centralia's WRXX.

First, it seemed as an impossible dream because there was no radio station in Memphis for sale, and even if there had been, the financing for such an idea would be next to impossible. Then, existing stations showed no interest in a local sports package which would be what was necessary.

The four, however, never gave up on the dream, and then one day, almost by accident, Mike Cooper made contact with a Lexington, KY entrepreneur, who with his partner, Craig Blanchard, a Warwick, Rhode Island broadcaster, had a new concept of internet radio and their top product was sports broadcasting.

The elder Cooper, who has been involved with the broadcast industry since starting in 1973 as part of the Lone Oak High School Broadcasting Club on Paducah radio station WKYX, could hardly contain his excitement as he shared this news with the other three.

Now that there was an outlet, equipment would be needed. Cooper's late father, a minister, Rev. Jimmy Cooper, of Paducah, had given him his radio studio equipment that he used to record radio programs following his retirement, and it had been boxed and stored in their storage closet in Bartlett for many years.

Cooper dug it all out, unpacked it, and began to see if it would actually work, and surprisingly, it did!

They met with then Bartlett Basketball coach Hubie Smith and Athletic Director John Harrington and shared this new broadcast concept. They were very excited, as well about it, and the dream was very close to reality.

It became reality on November 17, 2002, when KPTR signed on the air from Harding Academy in Memphis, as the Panthers took on the Lions, in a Girls/Boys Basketball doubleheader.

The younger Cooper, Matthew, talks fondly about that first night, but admits, "when we came on the air, it was silence for a few seconds because no one really knew what to say, and it was hard to believe that this nearly two year dream was now not a dream, but a reality, and we were the first internet sports station in the State of Tennessee."

As a matter of fact, KPTR was not only Tennessee's first sports internet station, they are the second oldest station to have a webstream in Tennessee, second only to Nashville's Country Legend, WSM-650 AM.

The four had decided to refer to themselves as "The Bartlett SkyBox Crew", because that was a name that had stuck to them all the way back to a Bartlett Football game in 1997, at Bartlett Panther Stadium. The younger broadcasters, Matthew and Eric were best friends since seventh grade at Elmore Park Middle School, (and by the way still are best friends), and their dads had become very good friends as well.

They made a habit of sitting at the same place for all Panther Football games, which was at the top of the home bleachers on the 22 yard line, on the north end of the field. The four had a reputation of being very loud, cheering loud, being rather obnoxious to officials when they made calls which they thought were questionable, and basically maybe not acting as much like adults, (especially the dads), as they should.

This one game, the Panthers pulled an upset, and the four of them went "off the charts" with their exuberance. Ken Opperman had always kidded those that would sit near them that their perch at the top near the 22 yard line was their "skybox". So when the four turned on the Bartlett excitement, a fan a few rows in front turned around and said, "well it looks like the Bartlett SkyBox Crew has gone wild tonight!"

The name stuck to the four, and their loud exuberance followed everywhere they went, including the Panther Basketball and Baseball games they attended. They were known for "working the officials", and the older Cooper was even warned on one occasion at a Basketball game at Memphis Central, about a possible technical foul or even being ejected, if things did not calm down.

Needless to say, they were VERY passionate about Panther sports, and loved their Bartlett Panthers. Ken has said on several occasions that November 17, 2002 was not only a momentous day for the SkyBox Crew, but was a big day for west Tennessee officials, because things got much quieter at games when the SkyBox crew went on the air!

A week after going on the air, Ken and Eric covered the Panthers at the Rumble on the Ridge in Forrest City, Arkansas, shortly after that, Mike and Matthew covered them at the Marshall County Shootout in Draffenville, Kentucky, and then a couple of weeks later, all four traveled to Ocala, Florida to cover the Panthers at the Kingdom of the Sun Tournament.

Most of the broadcasts in that first season, and actually for several of the following seasons were tape delayed because very few gymnasiums had facilities for a live phone line. It was all dial-up in those days, as wi-fi was unheard of. Many times, because of the way the games had to be uploaded, the elder Cooper would not get the program finished until nearly 5:00 am the next morning following a game. Having to get up at 6:30 am to prepare for work, made for not really a night's rest, but a short nap.

The first live broadcast was the one mentioned that the Coopers did at Marshall County, Kentucky as Benton, KY radio station WCBL allowed KPTR to use their dedicated telephone line at Reed Conder Gymnasium in Draffenville.

It was an exciting season, that came to an all to soon end at the Mid-South Coliseum in the West Tennessee Sub-State, as the White Station Spartans outlasted the Panthers in a game that the SkyBox Crew still talks about with the Spartan's Dane Bradshaw seemingly charging into a Panther, that was not called, which could have changed the outcome of the game. They, along with Coach Smith, say that call was "really, really, REALLY close!"

When the four met to discuss that first season, and make plans for the second, one of the first topics was about covering other sports, as many asked if that would be done. It was obvious that it was wanted, and so season two not only included Basketball, but was expanded to Football and Baseball.

One of the issues the SkyBox Crew faced was that their equipment was, of course, all analog, and by doing replays, it required cassette tapes. Many times it looked as if they were moving in because their were so many cases, and so much set up required. They began working on ideas to get newer equipment, and some day make a transition to the new, state of the art digital equipment.

That second season, like the first, was also a resounding success, and the SkyBox Crew was well on their way to becoming a fixture at Bartlett Sporting events. They have three times broadcast games from multiple locations, once tape delayed, and twice live. The live broadcasts were Girls Basketball at Farley Gym, switching live to Boys at Dyersburg and at Dyer County.

Mike Cooper told the Voice of the Memphis Tigers, Dave Woloshin in a 2014 interview for their 1,000th broadcast, that the biggest game ever to be broadcast by the SkyBox Crew was the 2007 State Baseball Championship with the Panthers claiming the title over South Doyle. Cooper said there have been so many great games with miraculous comebacks, and unbelievable endings, but calling a state championship was a very special thing to do.

KPTR is part of Rives, Tennessee based Northstar Internet Media. The Obion County company has provided countless hours of entertainment for sports enthusiasts, including Bartlett Panther fans.

The SkyBox Crew really does not like to draw attention to themselves, as they like to say, this is "ALL ABOUT THE KIDS". They understand the hard work and sacrifices that are given by the young athletes, their coaches, their parents, and their families, and they want to simply provide a media outlet for their outstanding efforts.

With different work assignments, the Oppermans are not on the air very much now, but still are very much a part of the SkyBox Crew.

For the first four broadcast seasons, all members took turns doing play-by-play, with the others adding color commentary. Beginning in 2006, Matthew, the Director of Broadcast Operations, assumed the permanent role of play-by-play announcer, and Mike, the Executive Producer, assumed the permanent role of color commentator.

Two new members of the SkyBox Crew were added in 2006, also a Father/Son combo, Terry and Jonathan Sturdivant. Jonathan also serves as the Sports Director for KPTR. The Sturdivants have called games when the other SkyBox Crew members were not able to be present.

There have also been several Bartlett High School students that have helped the SkyBox Crew throughout the years, some that had an interest in pursuing a career in the broadcast/media industry.

After being a substitute teacher at Bartlett High School for 12 years, Matthew became a Paraprofessional with the Bartlett City School System in 2014. Mike works as a news reporter for WKYX in Paducah, (the station he was first on 47 years ago), and is a writer for their news website, West Kentucky Star. He retired after a 37 year career in Financial Services, and also began substitute teaching in the Bartlett City School System in 2017.

Some frequently asked questions that have come in over the years about the broadcasts are how far is the most distant listener on the internet? What are the most listeners ever tuned to one broadcast, and what is the most unusual listener to a broadcast?

The most distant listener was the father of one of the Panther Basketball players when he listened to his son play at Farley Gym, while on a business trip in Shenzhen, China. The most listeners to a single broadcast was 1,470 to a Baseball State Tournament game in 2015. The most unusual listener, actually has two answers. First, while at the Baseball State Tournament in 2008, they got an e-mail from the parents of the coach of the team that Bartlett was playing, thanking them for carrying the game. Obviously, they were calling the game with a big Bartlett bias, so they were not sure how they liked that. 

Secondly, during the 2013-2014 season, they sent selected broadcasts to local Memphis radio station KWAM. They were calling the Panther Football game at Houston High School, and KWAM got a call from a Beaumont, Texas radio station that the football game was covering their local 990AM signal up. The transmitter switch at KWAM had failed, and the Panther broadcast was going out with a full 10,000 watt signal, which is the daytime power for KWAM. (They were supposed to be on a 450 watt AM night signal.)

KPTR's 1,500th Bartlett Broadcast event will take place Monday, February 28, 2022, at Memphis Central High School in Memphis, Tennessee, as they continue their 20th season of Panther broadcasting and the 2022 Region 8-AAAA Tournament, featuring the Bartlett Lady Panthers taking on the White Station Lady Spartans, in the semi-final round. They hope as many as possible can attend, but if not, tune in for all the exciting Panther action.

Mike Cooper said, "it is hard to believe that we are ready for event number 1,500, but one thing is for sure, it is a tremendous honor and privilege to do this, and we never take a broadcast for granted. We love our Panthers, we love our listeners, we love the great City of Bartlett, Tennessee, and appreciate all that has been done in order for us to get these broadcasts on the air." Cooper continued, "we have made so many good friends over these past 20 broadcast seasons, not only at Bartlett High School, but at opposing schools, from coaches, teachers, principals, athletic directors, and fans. They are great folks and we appreciate them all."


West Tennessee High School Pitcher Throws Perfect Game

by Mike Cooper

BARTLETT-A west Tennessee high school pitcher reached perfection in a post-season matchup Wednesday night.

Bartlett junior pitcher, Jackson Irwin, struck out nine batters on the way to the perfect game in the second round of the District 14-AAA Tournament, leading the Panthers to a 12-0 victory over the Arlington Tigers.

The historic game was played at Scott Elrod Field in Bartlett. It was the first ever perfect game recorded in the 104 year history of Bartlett High School, and only the fifth perfect game ever pitched in Tennessee High School Baseball history.

With the Tournament now tied at 1-1, the 2021 championship will be decided tomorrow night, May 13th, when the two teams play again in Arlington.


Join us for our 21st Broadcast Season

Starting in August of 2022***(If COVID-19 Restrictions allow.)


AUG. 2, 2014: BARTLETT CITY SCHOOLS KICKOFF & PEP RALLY, Click Here--->(     )


(All Football Broadcast Times are CDT unless otherwise noted)

08/19-PURE(    )   08/26-Hoover, AL(    )   09/02-Arlington(    )

09/09-Lausanne Collegiate(    )   09/16-Germantown(    )   09/23-White Station(    )

09/30-Houston(Broadcast not available)   10/07-Cordova(Broadcast not available)   

 10/21-Collierville(    )   10/28-Whitehaven(Broadcast not available)


 ROUND ONE, 11/04-Centennial(    )

 ROUND TWO, 11/11-Brentwood(    )

 ROUND THREE-The Elite Eight, 11/18-Germantown(    )

 ROUND FOUR-The Final Four, 11/25-Beech(    )



(All Football Broadcast Times are CDT unless otherwise noted)

08/20-PYAA(    )    09/03-Arlington(    )   09/10-Lausanne Collegiate(    )   

09/17-Germantown(    )   10/01-Houston(    )   10/08-Cordova(    )   

10/22-Collierville(    )   10/29-Whitehaven(    )



09/03-Nashville CPA(    )   09/18-Southaven, MS(    )   09/25-St. Benedict(    )

10/02-Houston(    )   10/08-Arlington(    )   10/30-Collierville(    )

TSSAA 6A State Playoffs:

11/14-Houston(    )***6:00pm CST

11/20-Collierville(    )***7:00pm CST-"THE ELITE EIGHT"

11/27-Brentwood(    )***7:00pm CST-"THE FINAL FOUR"



(All Football Broadcast Times are CDT unless otherwise noted)

08/23-Memphis Douglass(     )   08/30-MAHS(     )   09/06-Memphis Overton(     )

09/13-Memphis Central(     )   09/20-Cordova(     )

10/11-Arlington(    )   10/25-MLK Prep(    )

11/01-Collierville(    )


11/08-White Station(    )***7:00pm CST



(All Football Broadcast Times are CDT unless otherwise noted)

08/17-Memphis Overton(    )  09/07-Memphis Sheffield(    )  09/14-Houston(    )

09/21-White Station(    )  09/28-Arlington(    )   10/05-Memphis A.H.S.(    )   10/19-Millington(    )



(Basketball Broadcast Times are CST, except State Tournament games which are CDT.)

11/09-District 15AAAA Media Day(    )

11/17-Girls-St. Mary's/Boys-Bolton(    )  12/08-Boys-Germantown(    )

12/09-Boys-Memphis East(    )  12/12-Boys-Arlington(    )

01/03-Girls, Boys-Houston(    )   01/13-Girls-Arlington(    )

01/14-Girls-St. Louis Vashon(    )



(Basketball Broadcast Times are CST, except State Tournament games which are CDT.)

11/10-District 15AAAA Media Night(    )   11/12-Bartlett Panther Basketball Madness(    )

11/18-Quadruple-Header-St. Agnes(G), Kingsbury(B), MHEA(G), MHEA(B)(    )

11/20-Triple-Header-Memphis Central(G), Memphis Central(B), ECS(B)(    )

12/04-Fayette-Ware(G)(    )   12/14-Southwind(G&B)(    )

01/04-Houston(    )   01/13-Arlington(    )   01/14-Sprayberry, GA(G)(    )

01/14-Newton, GA(G)(    )   01/28-Houston(G&B)(    )

01/31-MHEA(G)&Tenn. Prep(B)(    )   02/07-Arlington(G&B)(    )   02/08-(G&B)Collierville(    )


02/22-(Girls)Bartlett vs Arlington & (Boys)Bartlett vs Germantown(    )


02/25-(Girls)Bartlett vs Whitehaven(    )   02/26-(Boys)Bartlett vs Overton(    )

02/28-(Girls)Bartlett vs White Station, KPTR's 1500th Bartlett Broadcast!(    )

03/01-(Boys)Bartlett vs Collierville(    )

03/02-(Girls Championship)Bartlett vs Arlington(    )

03/03-(Boys Championship)Bartlett vs Memphis East(    )


03/05-(Girls)Bartlett vs Clarksville Rossview(    )

03/07-(Boys)Bartlett vs Clarksville Rossview(    )


03/16-(Boys), Quarter-Finals-ELITE EIGHT, Bartlett vs Beech(    )

03/18-(Boys), Semi-Finals-FINAL FOUR, Bartlett vs Dobyns-Bennett(    )



(All Basketball Broadcast Times are CST)

11/24-West Memphis, AR(    )   12/01-Southaven, MS(    )   12/05-MAHS, Girls(    )

12/05-Jackson South Side, Girls(    )   12/08-MUS(    )

12/10-The Calhoun School, AL(    )   12/11-ISCHOOL of Lewisville, TX(    )

12/12-Combine Academy, NC(    )   12/19-Union City(    )

01/02-Bolivar Central(    )   01/09-Collierville(    )   01/12-Briarcrest(    )

01/15-Arlington(    )   01/19-CBHS(    )   01/22-Houston(    )   01/23-Collierville (Girls), ECS (Boys)(    )

01/28-MHEA(    )   01/29-Memphis Business Academy, Girls(    )   02/05-Arlington(    )

02/08-Briarcrest(    )   02/09-St. Benedict(    )   


02/24-GIRLS, Arlington(    )   02/25-BOYS, Arlington(    )


02/27-GIRLS, Munford(    )   03/01-BOYS, Dyer County(    )

03/02-GIRLS, Hardin County(    )   03/03-BOYS, Munford(   

03/05-BOYS CHAMPIONSHIP GAME, Arlington(    )


03/08-BOYS, Houston(    )



(All Basketball Broadcast Times are CST)

11/21-Ridgeway(    )   12/05-Memphis Melrose(    )   12/10-Germantown(    )

12/13-GIRLS, Dyersburg/BOYS, Hewitt-Trussville, AL(    )   

01/07-Kingsbury(    )   01/17-Arlington(    )   01/20 BOYS-Briarcrest(    )

01/25-BOYS-Yazoo County, MS(    )   01/28-Kingsbury(    )

02/07-Arlington(    )   02/10-St. Benedict(    )   


02/18-BOYS, Cordova(    )

02/21-CHAMPIONSHIP / GIRLS & BOYS, Arlington(    )


02/28-GIRLS, Brighton(    )    02-29-BOYS, Liberty Magnet(    )

03/02-GIRLS, Hardin County(    )   03/03-BOYS, Dyer County(    )

03/05-CHAMPIONSHIP / BOYS, Arlington(    )


03/09-BOYS, Whitehaven(    )



(All Basketball Broadcast Times are CST)

11/17-BOYS, Covington(    )   11/17-GIRLS, Raleigh-Egypt(    )   11/17-BOYS, Memphis Central(    )

12/01-GIRLS & BOYS, Houston(    )  12/08-BOYS, Ripley (TN)(    )  12/14-GIRLS, Macon Road (TN)(    )

12/14-BOYS, Hamilton Heights (TN)(    )  12/15-GIRLS, Lausanne(    )  12/15-BOYS, Springdale Prep (MD)(    )

01/03-GIRLS & BOYS, Bolton(    )   01/05-BOYS, Olive Branch(MS)(    )   01/11-GIRLS & BOYS, Arlington(    )

01/18-GIRLS & BOYS, Cordova(    )   01/25-GIRLS & BOYS, Bolton(    )    01/29-GIRLS & BOYS, Kingsbury(    )    02/01-GIRLS & BOYS, Arlington(    )

02/02-BOYS, Lausanne(    )    02/08-GIRLS & BOYS, Cordova(    )


02/22-GIRLS, Hardin County(    )    02/23-Boys, Liberty Tech(    )    02/26-BOYS, Dyer County(    )

02/28-BOYS CHAMPIONSHIP, Bolton(    )


03/04-Boys, Whitehaven(    )


2007 Bartlett vs South Doyle-AAA Tenn. State Baseball Championship,5-25-07click here--->(           )


Sam McCormack-2004 (Walk-off vs MUS, Senior Night)

Jacob Wilson-2007

Heith Hatfield-2008

Sean Mellenger-2009

Tyler Porter-2010

Taylor Morton-2010

Wesley Johnson-2014

Barrett Taylor-2015 (State Tournament vs Soddy Daisy)

Brayden Matthews-2019 (State Tournament vs Summit)


May 12, 2021, Junior pitcher Jackson Irwin throws a PERFECT GAME, leading the Panthers to a 12-0 victory over the Arlington Tigers!



(All Baseball Broadcast Times are CDT)

03/22-Bingham, UT(    )   04/02-ECS(    )   04/05-Houston(    )

04/08-McCracken County, KY(    )   04/11-Collierville(    )

04/18-DeSoto Central(    )   04/21-Briarcrest(    )   

04/23-Trinity Christian Academy(    )   04/25-Arlington(    )


05/06-Germantown(    )   05/07-Houston(    )   05/09-Arlington(   

05/10-Houston(    )



(All Baseball Broadcast Times are CDT)

03/15-Covington & Dyer County(    )   03/16-Lafayette, Miss.(    )

03/23-St. Benedict(    )   04/03-Tipton-Rosemark Academy(    )

04/08-Briarcrest(    )   04/12-White Station(    )   04/14-Lewisburg, MS(    )

04/16-Dyer County(    )   04/22-Arlington(    )

 05/06-Arlington, (Senior Night) (    )


05/12-Arlington (    )


05/16-Brighton (    )



(All Baseball Broadcast Times are CDT)

03/10-Christian Brothers HS(    )   03/12-Brighton(    )



(All Baseball Broadcast Times are CDT)

03/11-Dyer County(    )   03/15-Pope John Paul II(    )   03/18-White Hall, AR(    )

04/05-Arlington(    )   04/09-Desoto Central, MS(    )   04/16-Lewisburg, MS(    )   04/24-Houston(    )


05/07-Arlington(    )


05/13-Hardin County(    )   05/16-Arlington(    )


05/17-Houston(    )



05/21-Farragut(    )   05/22-Science Hill(    )   05/22-Summit(    )


05/23-Farragut(    )





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Jan. 10, 2014: KPTR.com/SkyBox Broadcasting's 1,000th Bartlett Event Broadcast, Click Here---> (   ) Bartlett vs Bolton Girls & Boys Basketball! 

Apr. 9, 2015:  KPTR.com/SkyBox Broadcasting's 1,100th Bartlett Event Broadcast, Click Here---> (   ) Bartlett vs White Station Baseball!

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Matthew and Mike Cooper of the KPTR.com Bartlett SkyBox Crew being honored on KPTR.com's 1,000th Bartlett Broadcast Event at Farley Gym on Jan. 10, 2014


(L) Baseball used by Matthew Cooper of the KPTR.com Bartlett SkyBox Crew to throw out the Ceremonial First Pitch on April 9, 2015 at Scott Elrod Field at the Bartlett-White Station game-KPTR.com's 1,100th Bartlett Broadcast Event

(R) Mike and Matthew Cooper call the SkyBox Crew's 1,100th Bartlett Broadcast Event on KPTR.com & Community Radio AM 1700 KOK in the press box at Scott Elrod Field in Bartlett as the Panthers take on White Station, 04-09-2015

Mike Cooper, (L) and Matthew Cooper, (R) of the KPTR.com Bartlett SkyBox Crew at the KWAM AM 990 Studios in East Memphis, Tennessee


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The KPTR.com Story. . . . . . .

Centralia, Illinois.  The year 2000.  The Centralia Holiday Tournament, a 16-team boys basketball tournament in the quaint basketball hotbed in southern Illinois.  Mike Cooper, Ken Opperman, Eric Opperman, and Matt Cooper talked at McDonald's about how they wished they could broadcast Bartlett basketball like numerous small town radio stations, including Centralia's WRXX, do for their high schools.  And so the dream began.

It was a dream that would take two full years to come true, and beginning in 2002, KPTR.com became a reality, as Mike, Ken, and Matt broadcast the first Bartlett Panther basketball game of the 2002-03 season at Harding Academy in Memphis.  A week later, Eric joined them for the Rumble on the Ridge in Forrest City, Arkansas, and the KPTR.com "Skybox Crew" was on its way to broadcast its first year of Panther athletics.

KPTR.com has covered nearly all of Bartlett's football, boys basketball, and girls basketball games since that first broadcast at Harding Academy, and we have covered numerous other events as well, including many Panther baseball games and a competition including Bartlett's award-winning Winter Guard team.  In the fall of 2003, we began WVWT, ( the Webcast Voice of West Tennessee ), to cover various other high school and even college athletics, and we broadcast 11 games involving 11 boys basketball teams from three states at the 2003 Centralia Holiday Tournament via KPTR and WVWT.

2004 and 2005 saw the Tennessee Spring Fling come to Memphis, and KPTR carried all the Baseball State Championship games for the TSSAA, eight games in total, (four in each year). The 2004 broadcasts were from Auto Zone Park in downtown Memphis, and the 2005 broadcasts from USA Stadium in Millington. It was a tremendous honor for KPTR and the SkyBox Crew to cover these games for the TSSAA, and for the families and friends of the athletes that competed. 

In March 2009, we covered our first Bartlett Panther Tennis match, and our first coverage of Bartlett Panther Soccer came on  May 21, 2016, in the Boys  West Tennessee Sub-State Sectional Game.

Beginning in 2006, all Bartlett Panther Broadcasts were simulcast on both KPTR and WVWT.  In 2008, The SkyBox Broadcasting International Network was formed in order to expand the coverage of exciting Secondary School and College Sports. During the spring of 2011, we partnered with KCAB-AM 980 in Russellville, Arkansas to cover the Arkansas Tech Women's Softball Team in the Gulf-South Conference Tournament in Southaven, Mississippi.

A joint venture was started in late 2012 with WPAD in Paducah, Kentucky, "99.5-THE FAN" ( AM-1560 / FM 99.5) and 995thefanpaducah.com / westkentuckystar.com to cover the Lone Oak Purple Flash Girls and Boys Basketball teams, in their final season, and bring the same exciting coverage to the Western Kentucky area.

KPTR.com is the Flagship Station of SkyBox Broadcasting International and still is The Voice of the Bartlett Panthers.  In early 2013, SkyBox Broadcasting International's first terrestrial station went on the air, Community Radio KOK-AM 1700, serving areas of Bartlett and Memphis. In December of 2015, Community Radio KOK-FM 90.9 was added. 

The Skybox Crew assists the Christian Brothers University Radio Network in Memphis with Men's and  Women's Basketball broadcasts, WUMR in Memphis with University of Memphis Baseball and Lady Tiger Basketball broadcasts, and the Rhodes College Media Network in Memphis with Football and Men's and Women's Basketball broadcasts.  Also in 2013, we partnered with local Memphis station KWAM-AM 990, The Voice of Memphis, carrying selected Friday broadcasts, which took advantage of KWAM's large terrestrial coverage area, with their 10,000 watt signal.

As of 01/14/2023, KPTR.com has broadcast 1,541 Bartlett events since that first night at Harding Academy on November 17, 2002.   We have broadcast events on site in the states of Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi,  Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Illinois, and we have had listeners contact us from most of the 50 states, as well as Canada, Central  America, The Middle-East, Hong Kong, Moldova, The Netherlands, Ukraine,  Afghanistan, China, Brazil, Argentina, and The Russian Federation.  As of 01/14/2023, KPTR.com/WVWT.com/KTSQ.com and The SkyBox Broadcasting International Network have broadcast a total of 1,817 sports events and a grand total of 2068 events.

Our goal is to highlight the hard work of the dedicated student athletes and their coaches, along with the sacrifices of their parents and other family members, in order to achieve the great things they do and to provide a media outlet for these outstanding individuals. The motto of SkyBox Broadcasting International is: "It's all about the kids".ww.wvwt.com

We would like to thank you for visiting us, and we hope you enjoy our broadcasts.


E-Mail:  NorthstarIM@outlook.com

Matthew B. Cooper, General Manager-Executive Producer/Director of Broadcast Operations 

James M. (Mike) Cooper, Retired General Manager/Executive Producer

Kenneth (Ken) Opperman, Commentator

Eric Opperman, Commentator

Jonathan D. Sturdivant, Sports Director & Commentator / Producer

Christopher M. Tanner, Statistician & Commentator 

Cona G. Cooper, Retired Production  Assistant

Jeff Browning, Statistician & Commentator

Jordan Browning, Commentator

Stuart Settles, Statistician & Commentator

Ryne S. Clark, Commentator, Production  Assistant

Terry Sturdivant, Commentator / Producer

Jason  Aaron, Commentator

James (Jim) Steinbrecher, Commentator

Jimmy D. Davis, Advisor

Donald E. (Don)  Alvey, Engineer***(2002-2014)

Ronald  (Ron)  Alvey, Engineer***(2002-2015)

Craig Blanchard, EZ-Stream Network Control-Chief Engineer/Warwick, Rhode Island***(2002-2018)

Tyler Feret, Meridix Network Control-Chief Engineer/Napierville, Illinois


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Prior Archived Broadcasts

2021 Bartlett Panther Football

08/20/2021-Bartlett vs PYAA (           )6:55pm Bartlett Panther Stadium-Bartlett, Tenn.

09/03/2021-Bartlett vs Arlington (           )6:55pm Arlington High School-Arlington, Tenn.

09/10/2021-Bartlett vs Lausanne Collegiate (           )6:55pm Bartlett Panther Stadium-Bartlett, Tenn.

09/17/2021-Bartlett vs Germantown (           )6:55pm Bartlett Panther Stadium-Bartlett, Tenn.

10/01/2021-Bartlett vs Houston (           )6:55pm Bartlett Panther Stadium-Bartlett, Tenn.

10/08/2021-Bartlett vs Cordova (           )6:55pm Bartlett Panther Stadium-Bartlett, Tenn.

10/22/2021-Bartlett vs Collierville (           )6:55pm Collierville High School-Collierville, Tenn.

10/29/2021-Bartlett vs Whitehaven (           )6:55pm Bartlett Panther Stadium-Bartlett, Tenn.


2021- 2022 Bartlett Panther Basketball




03/16/2022-AAAA Quarter-finals, Boys-Bartlett vs Beech (           )2:25pm-Murphy Center-Murfreesboro, Tenn.


03/18/2022-AAAA Semi-finals, Boys-Bartlett vs Dobyns-Bennett (           )1:05pm-Murphy Center-Murfreesboro, Tenn.


11/10/2021-District 15AAAA Basketball Media Night (           )6:40pm McDonald Insurance Arena-Bartlett, Tenn.

11/12/2021-Panther Basketball Madness (           )9:55pm-(Delayed Broadcast) McDonald Insurance Arena-Bartlett, Tenn.


11/18/2021-St. Agnes (Girls), Kingsbury (Boys), MHEA (Girls), MHEA (Boys) (           )

3:00pm St. Agnes(G), 4:30pm Kingsbury(B), 6:00pm MHEA(G), 7:30pm MHEA(B)-McDonald Insurance Arena-Bartlett, Tenn.


11/20/2021-Memphis Central (Girls), Memphis Central (Boys), ECS (Boys)  (           )

2:30pm Memphis Central(G), 4:00pm Memphis Central(B), 5:30pm ECS(B)-McDonald Insurance Arena-Bartlett, Tenn.

12/04/2021-Fayette-Ware (Girls) (           )5:55pm-McDonald Insurance Arena-Bartlett, Tenn.

12/14/2021-Southwind (Girls-Boys) (           )5:55pm-McDonald Insurance Arena-Bartlett, Tenn.

01/04/2022-Houston (Girls-Boys) (           )5:55pm-Houston High School-Germantown, Tenn.

01/13/2022-Arlington (Girls-Boys) (           )11:45pm(Delayed Broadcast)-Arlington High School-Arlington, Tenn.

01/14/2022-Sprayberry, GA (Girls) (           )6:45pm(Delayed Broadcast)-McDonald Insurance Arena-Bartlett, Tenn.

01/14/2022-Newton, GA (Girls) (           )11:30pm(Delayed Broadcast)-McDonald Insurance Arena-Bartlett, Tenn.

01/28/2022-Houston (Girls-Boys) (           )5:55pm-McDonald Insurance Arena-Bartlett, Tenn.

01/31/2022-MHEA(G)/Tenn. Prep(B) (           )5:55pm-McDonald Insurance Arena-Bartlett, Tenn.

02/07/2022-Arlington (Girls-Boys) (           )5:55pm-McDonald Insurance Arena-Bartlett, Tenn.

02/08/2022-Collierville (Girls-Boys) (           )5:55pm-McDonald Insurance Arena-Bartlett, Tenn.


02/22/2022-District 15-AAAA Championship(Girls-Boys) (           )5:55pm-Arlington High School-Arlington, Tenn.

(Girls-Bartlett vs Arlington and Boys-Bartlett vs Germantown)

02/25/2022-Region 8-AAAA, Girls-Bartlett vs Whitehaven (           )6:55pm-McDonald Insurance Arena-Bartlett, Tenn.

02/26/2022-Region 8-AAAA, Boys-Bartlett vs Overton (           )6:55pm-McDonald Insurance Arena-Bartlett, Tenn.

KPTR's 1,500th Bartlett Broadcast! Bartlett vs White Station (Girls):

02/28/2022-Region 8-AAAA, Girls-Bartlett vs White Station (           )7:25pm-Central High School-Memphis, Tenn.

03/01/2022-Region 8-AAAA, Boys-Bartlett vs Collierville (           )5:55pm-Central High School-Memphis, Tenn.

03/02/2022-Reg. 8-AAAA, Girls Championship-Bartlett vs Arlington (           )6:55pm-Central High School-Memphis, Tenn.

03/03/2022-Region 8-AAAA, Boys Championship-Bartlett vs East (           )6:55pm-Central High School-Memphis, Tenn.

03/05/2022-AAAA Sub-State, Girls-Bartlett vs Clarksville Rossview (           )6:55pm-Rossview H.S.-Clarksville, Tenn.

03/07/2022-AAAA Sub-State, Boys-Bartlett vs Clarksville Rossview (           )6:55pm-McDonald Ins. Arena-Bartlett, Tenn.


2022 Bartlett Panther Baseball Post-Season

District 15AAAA Tournament

05/06/2022-First Round: Bartlett vs Germantown (           )3:55pm-Scott Elrod Field-Bartlett, Tenn.

05/07/2022-Second Round: Bartlett vs Houston (           )2:55pm-Houston HS-Germantown, Tenn.

05/09/2022-Third Round: Bartlett vs Arlington (           )3:55pm-Houston HS-Germantown, Tenn.

05/10/2022-Fourth Round: Bartlett vs Houston (           )5:55pm-Houston HS-Germantown, Tenn.

2022 Bartlett Panther Baseball

03/22/2022-Bartlett vs Bingham, UT (           )6:55pm-USA Stadium-Millington, Tenn.

04/02/2022-Bartlett vs ECS (           )2:25pm-Scott Elrod Field-Bartlett, Tenn.

04/05/2022-Bartlett vs Houston (           )6:55pm-Scott Elrod Field-Bartlett, Tenn.

04/08/2022-Bartlett vs McCracken County, KY (           )6:25pm-Scott Elrod Field-Bartlett, Tenn.

04/11/2022-Bartlett vs Collierville (           )3:55pm-Scott Elrod Field-Bartlett, Tenn.

04/18/2022-Bartlett vs DeSoto Central (           )6:55pm-Scott Elrod Field-Bartlett, Tenn.

04/21/2022-Bartlett vs Briarcrest (           )6:25pm-Scott Elrod Field-Bartlett, Tenn.

04/23/2022-Bartlett vs Trinity Christian Academy (           )2:25pm-Scott Elrod Field-Bartlett, Tenn.

04/25/2022-Bartlett vs Arlington (           )6:25pm-Scott Elrod Field-Bartlett, Tenn.